What does «jula» mean in spanish?

  • Indian troupe from Potosí (Bolivia) that dances warrior dances. It is currently used in the religious festivities of La Cruz, San Francisco, Rosario, the feast of Tata Santiago, in the mining centers of Llallagua, Siglo XX and Uncía (Potosí) and in the festivity of the Exaltation in Oruro, among other places. Other indigenous communities in countries of the region, such as Peru, Argentina and Chile, also practice it.

    ♦ Used in: Bolivia

    Examples of use in spanish: "El presidente Evo Morales promulgó la ley que declara Patrimonio Histórico Cultural Inmaterial de Bolivia, al Ritual del Jula Jula, una práctica ancestral interpretada en la región andina con instrumentos musicales únicos, coreografía y trajes artesanales andinos", El Jula Jula ahora es declarado patrimonio cultural Nacional, lostiempos.com, 15 may. 2018.

    "las comunidades suelen entrar en marcha tocando los ritmos de Jula-Jula y el zapateo al ritmo de las tonadas", wikipedia.es.

  • (jula jula) Monophonic musical instrument with which the tunes of the Jula-Jula festivities of Potosí are played. For its interpretation it requires a group of people that responds to the altos and contra altos.

    ♦ Used in: Bolivia
  • (jula jula) A procedure by which a woman may divorce her husband in Islam by returning to him the dower (mahr) or anything else she received from her husband, as agreed upon by the spouses or the (court) decree of Qadi. Based on traditional fiqh and referenced in the Qur'an and hadith, the khul allows the wife to initiate a divorce by mutual consent of the husband or a court decree. After divorce the children live with the mother until the age of seven, but the father is responsible for their maintenance. After that age they may decide to live with one or the other parent.
  • (jula jula) Homosexual.

    ♦ Used in: Spain
  • (jula jula) Asshole, unwary man.

    ♦ Used in: Spain
  • (jula jula) A type of cloak or dress, usually black, used by the indigenous women of the regions of Urabá (Colombia).

    ♦ Used in: Colombia
  • (jula jula) Name of several languages of the Mandenka or Mandinka language, a subgroup of the Mande family, native to Ivory Coast, Mali and mainly Burkina Faso, where it has one million speakers.
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