What does «leco» mean in spanish?

  • Loud cry to call; howl, howl.

    ♦ Used in: Venezuela

    Examples of use in spanish: "escuché un leco desgarrador".

    "la gente oía sus lecos desde lejos".

  • Practically extinct language spoken in a remote part of the eastern Andes of Bolivia. It was declared the official indigenous language of Bolivia on September 11, 2000.
  • Discoidal stem of the bulbs.
  • (pegar lecos / a todo leco) Call out, loudly, loudly.

    Examples of use in spanish: "pegando lecos".

  • (pegar lecos / a todo leco) Crazy.

    ♦ Used in: Mexico
  • (pegar lecos / a todo leco) It is related to the Apolo canton (Franz Tamayo, La Paz, Bolivia).

    ♦ Used in: Bolivia
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