What does «nife» mean in spanish?

  • Hypothetical core of the Earth consisting of heavy, dense matter based on nickel and iron. It is believed to be solid inside, but has an outer core that is partially molten by heat. The density of the core is approximately 10. It is called "NIFE" for the abbreviation of its components Nickel (Ni) - Iron (Fe). Iron and nickel are characterized as the final elements elaborated in stellar nucleosynthesis (creation of new atomic nuclei), and therefore the heaviest elements that do not require a supernova or similar cataclysmic event for their formation. Iron and nickel, therefore, are the most abundant metals in metallic meteorites and in the metal-dense cores of planets like Earth.
  • NiFe, is used to describe nickel-iron batteries. Nickel (Ni) - Iron (Fe) The affinity of nickel (atomic number 28) and iron (atomic number 26) for other natural products serves as the basis for the preparation of many commercial alloys (Fernico, Cunife), and also provides a complex electronic environment to catalyze many chemical reactions.
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