What does «nomología» mean in spanish?

  • Science of laws and their interpretation.
  • A treatise on how to establish the principles, rules or precepts of any art or science.
  • Science of the laws of the mind; rational psychology.
  • In philosophy, the branch of ethics that deals with the historical and geographical transformations of moral ideals. In philosophy, nomology deals with the thought process of the mind. The Oxford English Dictionary defines nomology as "the branch of science and philosophy that deals with the laws or principles governing the workings of the mind, especially as defined by custom or culture." The name nomology may come from Aristotle (Aristotle, 1995). The suffix '-ology' implies 'order', 'word', and 'reason', and is meant to be subjectively reasonable or 'logical' as in sociology and psychology. The 'nom-' part implies 'rule' and 'law', and it is about being objectively legal or 'nomical' as in economics.
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