What does «nota marginal» mean in spanish?

  • In general, any annotation or observation related to the main content of a text and which, usually and historically, was placed in the margins of the text (hence its name). In many cases there is an alphanumeric reference in the text that suggests the reading of the marginal note. Marginalia" is the more general term for notes, glosses and editorial comments made in the margin of a book.

    Examples of use in spanish: "las notas marginales pueden ser útiles en los diálogos en el aula al refrescar la memoria sobre puntos importantes del texto que merecen ser explorados más a fondo".

  • Annotation that, in public records, accredits circumstances that concern the main inscription or the parent instrument. For example, in the documents of the Civil Registry that involve an individual, there are usually notes that allow the coordination of different inscriptions related to the individual. Such is the case of a certificate of remarriage, which requires a marginal note containing the note of divorce from the previous marriage. The cancellation of the marginal notes is done by means of another marginal note.
  • A short notation that appears above or beside each section of a law or regulation. This note is intended to help readers identify the relevant provisions of the legislation. The name derives from the fact that they originally appeared in the margins of the legislation next to the relevant provisions.
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