What does «nublado» mean in spanish?

  • Occultation of the sky by clouds.

    Examples of use in spanish: "El cielo se encuentra nublado".

  • Obscured, affected or tarnished something, whether material or immaterial.

    Examples of use in spanish: "Por definición una persona «drogada» tiene la conciencia disminuida, el juicio nublado y la voluntad anulada." - El gran mandala, Alan Watts - 1992.

  • Crowd.
  • In Meteorology, dark cloud, especially related to storms.
  • (bosque nublado) That forest affected or influenced by the presence of clouds or fog.
  • (descargar el nublado) Heavy rain, snow or hail.
  • (día nublado) One where the sky is covered by clouds, generally with the possibility of precipitation.
  • (juicio nublado) When a person's judgment is affected for any reason.
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