What does «ob» mean in spanish?

  • Inseparable preposition of Latin origin meaning: because of, by virtue of, by force of. It is used in voices of Latin origin.
  • (ob / obs) Latin prefix giving the idea of "in front with opposite orientation to the given orientation", i.e., confrontation, opposition, impediment or obstacle.
  • (Ob.) Abbreviation suggested by the RAE for "bishop".
  • (ob. cit.) Abbreviation suggested by the RAE for "obra citada".
  • (O.B.) Abbreviation for "bimember sentence".
  • (Ob) City (pop. 29,437, year 2018, in Novosibirsk oblast) and river (in western Siberia) of Russia. In English it is also transliterated as "Obi".
  • (estrellas OB) In astronomy, they are hot, massive stars of spectral type O or early type B that form in loosely organized groups called OB associations. They are short-lived, and therefore do not move far from where they formed within their lifetime. During their lifetime, they will emit a lot of ultraviolet radiation. This radiation rapidly ionizes the surrounding interstellar gas of the giant molecular cloud, forming an H II region or Strömgren sphere.
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