What does «oncenio» mean in spanish?

  • A period of eleven consecutive years. The preceding grouping of years is the decade and is followed by the decade.

    Examples of use in spanish: "el oncenio de Leguía".

  • (el Oncenio de Leguía) Period between 1919 and 1930 of the government of Augusto Bernardino Leguía in Peru, characterized by the displacement of civilism as the predominant political force, the cult of personality and a dictatorial and populist style of government. The Civil Party in Peru was a Peruvian political party founded in 1871 and dissolved in 1930. Of conservative ideology, it was the preponderant party of the time and led by the Lima oligarchy. It suffered a slow process of dissolution throughout the so-called Oncenio de Leguía (1919-1930).
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