What does «órdago» mean in spanish?

  • Envite del resto (where the whole game is bet to win), in the card game called mus. When an ordago is thrown, a situation may occur in which it is won by someone who did not throw it, so that the player who threw it may be left with nothing and, in addition, give it all to an opponent instead of the banker keeping it.

    Examples of use in spanish: "un órdago en el mus tiene lugar cuando uno de los jugadores apuesta el juego completo".

  • Play all or nothing.
  • (de órdago) Excellent, magnificent, extraordinary, of great quality.

    Examples of use in spanish: "dio a su hijo una paliza de órdago".

    "te ha salido una comida de órdago".

    "tiene un yate propio de órdago"

  • (de órdago) Excessive, extraordinary, out of the ordinary.

    Examples of use in spanish: "hace un calor de órdago".

    "tenía una borrachera de órdago".

    "tengo un resfriado de órdago".

  • (echar un órdago) Throwing oneself against any chance of anything going right.
  • (echar un órdago) Launch a proposal that is difficult to refuse, but which, if it goes wrong, can be very damaging.
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