What does «uf» mean in spanish?

  • Interjection used to denote tiredness, annoyance, weariness, suffocation.

    Examples of use in spanish: "uf, estoy cansado de esta situación".

    "¡uf! ¿toda esa tarea tengo que hacer?".

    "uf, qué calor hace aquí".

  • Interjection used to indicate repugnance, disgust.

    Examples of use in spanish: "¡uf! ¡qué olor asqueroso!".

  • (UF) Abbreviation for unidad de fomento, a unit of account used in, readjustable according to inflation.
  • (uF) Microfarad, one millionth of a farad, unit of electrical capacitance. Also μF.
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