What does «unilateral» mean in spanish?

  • The term refers to that which refers to or is confined to only one part or aspect of something.

    Examples of use in spanish: "ha sido una decisión unilateral, no se nos ha consultado a nosotros, por lo tanto la desconocemos".

    "el texto da una visión unilateral del conflicto".

    "Reino Unido podría frenar el Brexit de manera unilateral".

    "ruptura unilateral del contrato".

  • Which is placed only on one side.

    Examples of use in spanish: "panojas unilaterales".

  • Structure of the body that stands or walks on one side only.
  • A phoneme whose articulation is produced by the emission of air from only one side of the mouth.
  • A contract that binds only one person. In this contract, obligations are generated only for one of the parties; it is opposed to the bilateral contract. Examples of unilateral contracts are: the contract of donation, the bailment, the pledge, the guarantee, etc.

    Examples of use in spanish: "contrato unilateral".
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