What does «universalidad» mean in spanish?

  • Of universal quality or character. A fact, situation or idea that encompasses or is for all or known to all.

    Examples of use in spanish: "la fama del futbolista ha alcanzado una universalidad sin precedentes", "se ha logrado la universalidad del lenguaje de manos", "la universalidad de los Derechos Humanos".

  • A set of persons, things or rights constituting a unit with its own existence, considered legally, such as an estate, an association of persons or an inheritance.

    Examples of use in spanish: "universalidad de bienes de una persona" (se refiere al conjunto de todos sus bienes).

  • In phase transitions, universality is the observable property possessed by very different microscopic systems, which, despite their strong differences, can exhibit the same behavior during a phase transition. Therefore, many of the phase transitions in different systems can be described using the same underlying theory of scale invariance. For example, universality is observed in the aggregate state changes of matter. For more specific information please refer to the external links.
  • Art and Culture. It refers to the artistic work (literature, painting...) highly celebrated and of great historical importance, which makes it universally accepted and recognized. It can also be applied to the universality of a famous person.

    Examples of use in spanish: "La universalidad de su obra es indiscutida".

    "La universalidad de Platón".

    "la fama del futbolista ha alcanzado una universalidad sin precedentes".
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