What does «uste» mean in spanish?

  • Interjection used to reject a person or thing that bothers or harms, equivalent to "oxte!".

    Examples of use in spanish: "¡Uste! se me ha caído al charco mi cartera".

    "¡uste!, ¡váyase ya!".

  • Interjection that exalts physical attributes or actions of someone.

    ♦ Used in: Colombia

    Examples of use in spanish: "¡uste mami! -gritó el albañil a la mujer que pasó en la vereda".

  • (sin decir uste ni muste) expr. without asking for license, without speaking a word, without taking off one's lips; equivalent to "without saying oxte or moxte" or "without saying oste or moste".

    Examples of use in spanish: "se marchó sin decir uste ni muste".

  • (no decir uste ni muste) Say nothing.
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