What does «yaacabó» mean in spanish?

  • Common name by which several South American birds are confusedly known. According to the RAE, it is small in size, with strong beak and nails, brown back, reddish chest and striped belly. Its strong and particular song originates its name because it seems to say "ya-acabó". The description given in the RAE for this bird is imprecise, as well as those given by many other dictionaries that replicate it without question and some even change the description of the bird.

    Examples of use in spanish: "Era a bordo de una piragua... Lejos, en el profundo silencio, se oía el bronco mugido de los raudales de Atures... De pronto cantó el yacabó...", Doña Bárbara, novela de Rómulo Gallegos.

    "de pronto cantó el yacabó, campanadas funerales en el silencio desolador del crespuésculo de la selva, que hielan el corazón de viajero. Ya...cabó, ya...cabó...", Doña Bárbara, novela de Rómulo Gallegos.

    "un yacabó parado en sus ramas (...) el canto del pájaro fatídico: -¡Yaa-cabó! ¡Yaa-cabó!", Canaima, Rómulo Gallegos.
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