What does «yacaré» mean in spanish?

  • Common name for three species of caiman, a genus of crocodilians of the alligator family. - The black caiman (Caiman yacare), known as the Paraguayan caiman and the narrow-snouted caiman. Read meaning 2. - The caiman (Caiman latirostris), also known as the red caiman or wide-snouted caiman. Read meaning 3.
  • The caiman yacare, also commonly known as the caiman jacare, Paraguayan caiman, black caiman, piranha caiman, caiman del para, red caiman, southern spectacled caiman and jacaré in Portuguese, is a species of caiman, a crocodile of the family Alligatoridae. Scientific name: Caiman yacare. The species is endemic to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.
  • (yacaré overo o ñato) Scientific name Caiman latirostris, also known as yacaré ñato, is a crocodilian reptile found in eastern and central South America, including southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. It is found mainly in freshwater marshes, swamps and mangroves, usually in calm or very slow moving waters.

    ♦ Used in: Argentina - Bolivia - Uruguay
  • (a lo yacaré) On the sly, furtively.

    ♦ Used in: Paraguay
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