What does «yaque» mean in spanish?

  • Mex y Black jacket with skirts worn with striped pants and used in black tie ceremonies.

    ♦ Used in: Argentina - Uruguay
  • Children's dress.

    ♦ Used in: Colombia
  • A species of fish of the family Pimelodidae in the order Siluriforme. Scientific name Leiarius marmoratus.
  • Common name for several species of a thorny tree that usually reaches 5 m in height, typical of Venezuela and Colombia, similar to the acacia, found in areas of beaches and warm, dry climate. Its fruits are leguminous pods that, when dried, sound like maracas. In optimal conditions its height reaches 15 meters.
  • Light, fire, flame, glow.
  • (El Yaque) Margarita Island beach in Venezuela, famous for being a windsurfing center, where yaque trees abound.
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