What does «yerro» mean in spanish?

  • Fault or crime committed against the precepts of an art, and absolutely, against divine and human laws; action contrary to social or moral norms; fault, sin, crime.

    Examples of use in spanish: "son los típicos yerros de la inmadurez".

  • Mistake due to carelessness or inadvertence, even if inculpable; error, mistake.

    Examples of use in spanish: "cometí un yerro".

  • Belief in something that is not true; error, mistake.
  • (el yerro del entendido) The mistake made by someone who knows or is discreet and, therefore, is usually of greater significance.
  • (yerro de imprenta) Errata in a printed document.
  • (deshacer un yerro) Amend an error.
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