What does «zarrioso» mean in spanish?

  • Filled with dry mud or dirt, especially on clothing. Enlodado. Usually used for dry dirt on the clothes closest to the ground, indicating that someone has been getting muddy in mud or animal excrement. Ext. also used for one who wears filthy rags. Zarrapastroso, ragged, ragged.

    Examples of use in spanish: "Como en la cuadra estaba José dio un paso adelante, demacrado, zarrioso, desesperado".

    "César presentaba un aspecto zarrioso, zarrapastroso".

    "Un niño pobre, zarrioso, le miraba desde la acera de enfrente chupándose los dedos".

  • Any other type of dirt on any part of the body.

    Examples of use in spanish: "El capataz se mesó el bigote zarrioso como si estuviera consultándolo".

  • Person who has no energy. Faint-hearted, feeling tired, sluggish, lazy. It is used in some areas of Spain such as Almería and Navarra.
  • Aragon. In the Bresca card game, any trump card that does not count points is called "zarrioso" or "zarriosa".
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