Sentences with 'judgements'

Example sentences and phrases with the word judgements and other words derived from it.

« When Philip began to issue judgements concerning the English-controlled territory of Aquitaine, Edward went to war, triggering the Hundred Years' War. »
« One woman peppered me, saying that although she had not yet seen the film, she considered my challenges to be "unfair". "You are supposed to tell us whether a film is well made or not," she explained. "Please keep your moralising judgements to yourself. »
« "Because it often takes too long to summon up the courage to criticise someone face-to-face," warns Marsha Linehan, "many people link criticism with courage and make all-encompassing, judgmental judgements, rather than sticking to the specific, much smaller criticism they wanted to make. Separate the person from the fact in question, and try to understand what that fact is. »

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