5 sentences with 'unforeseen'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unforeseen and other words derived from it.

« There were other unforeseen problems that arose because of the printing press. »
« In Europe, an unforeseen effect of the Industrial Revolution, linked to the misery of working conditions, was the creation of social classes. »
« The unforeseen event was resolved, and at 6:30 the next morning Roberts received a phone call from Ulving, who sounded exhausted and fearful. -Bjorn showed me the painting," he said, "but he won't let me go. We have to make the deal now. »
« In more contemporary forms, camouflaged in subtle disguises, the Devil - through unforeseen, almost unreal events - seems to make us aware of his existence. »
« Modern life imposes its rules: unforeseen invitations, travel, intense social life... in short, lack of time. »

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