6 sentences with 'zeal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word zeal and other words derived from it.

« Filled with crusader zeal, they immediately set about eradicating "heretics" such as the kingdom's large Jewish population, forcing the Jews to convert to Catholicism or leave the kingdom that same year. In 1502 they gave the same ultimatum to the hundreds of thousands of Muslims as well. »
« However, despite this reforming zeal within the Church and the growing popularity of lay movements outside it, hardly anyone foresaw a permanent break with the Church hierarchy itself. »
« The Junta Provisional Gubernativa (Provisional Governmental Junta) began its work with firmness and zeal for renewal. On 27 May 1810, it informed the governors of the intendants that they should arrange for the election of deputies, which would be done through the town councils, to join the Junta as they arrived in Buenos Aires. »
« Religious zeal motivated the knights who participated in the four Crusades. »
« Isabel, motivated by a strong religious zeal, was instrumental in initiating the Inquisition in 1480, a brutal campaign to eradicate Jews and Muslims who had ostensibly converted to Christianity but secretly continued to practise their faith, as well as other heretics. »
« Christian zeal was the main motivating factor for Isabella, as she imagined that her faith would spread to the East. Ferdinand, the more practical of the two, hoped to acquire wealth through trade. »
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