6 sentences with 'janissaries'

Example sentences and phrases with the word janissaries and other words derived from it.

« Increasingly, Suleiman staffed the highest ranks of both the army and the state bureaucracy with janissaries, boys taken from Christian lands who were raised to be elite soldiers and officers. »
« The janissaries, though technically slaves, actually enjoyed more power and influence than any free Ottoman elite other than the sultan himself. During their lifetime, the janissaries were loyal and effective in both war and government. »
« First, the janissaries slowly went from being elite soldiers and bureaucrats to parasites, living in luxurious "barracks" in Constantinople, manipulating weak sultans and spending more time enriching themselves in trade than serving the state. »
« Other issues that undermined Ottoman strength were internal. In particular, the janissaries (once elite slave soldiers who had defeated European forces during the height of Ottoman power) who had played such an important role in Ottoman victories under sultans such as Selim I and Suleiman the Magnificent were no more than parasites living off state largesse in the mid-18th century, concentrating their time on enrichment through trade rather than military training. »
« In 1793, a reforming Sultan Selim III created a 'New Force' of soldiers trained in European tactics and using modern firearms, but it was not until 1826 that the janissaries were completely eliminated (they were massacred by members of the New Force under the next Sultan, Mahmud II). »
« In short, the Ottoman Empire was beset by external pressures in the form of growing European military power and European intrusion into its economy. It also suffered from internal problems, notably the corruption of the janissaries and the intransigence of reactionaries such as Abdulhamit. »
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