Sentences with 'famously'

Example sentences and phrases with the word famously and other words derived from it.

« In addition to the system of themas (administrative divisions of the Byzantine Empire), the Byzantine Empire added heavy cavalry to its roster and famously used a substance called Greek Fire in naval warfare; there are very few details, but it appears to have been a petroleum-based incendiary substance used to attack enemy ships. »
« Some teachers in the scholastic tradition became minor intellectual celebrities, most famously Peter Abelard (1079 - 1142), a brilliant teacher and polemicist in Paris who gave extensive lectures exploring both the pros and cons of various important questions that had been considered by the Church Fathers. »
« The poor in many European regions (Ireland, most famously) came to rely heavily on potatoes for food in the 18th century. »
« Freud also admitted that he could not really understand women's motivations; he famously claimed that the question psychology could not answer was "what does a woman want?". »

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