6 sentences with 'person'

Example sentences and phrases with the word person and other words derived from it.

« I don't know if I liked the person I was as much as the person I am now, nor if the life I led before was as full as I thought it was. »
« "The lucky person," Michener once told me, "is the one who reads, or listens to music, or contemplates a painting, or has an experience that matches the situation he is living in at the time. »
« In a shot of the grieving person 50 feet away, for example, the scene speaks for itself. »
« However, I have not yet expressed my gratitude to the person who gave me the strength to survive. »
« -There is a person trapped in an elevator. Brigade One is on the first floor trying to save her. »
« A person who smokes a packet and a half or two a day suffers from radiation equivalent to having a daily chest x-ray, according to Argentine toxicologist Alejandro Carra. »
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