7 sentences with 'elect'

Example sentences and phrases with the word elect and other words derived from it.

« In practice, however, Calvinism implied a kind of circular argument about salvation. Those who were among the elect acted in certain ways: they lived according to the standards of behaviour defined in the Bible, abstained from worldly pleasures, and strove to behave within the legal and social framework of their societies. »
« Furthermore, a sign of being a member of the elect was financial success, because success was a side effect of the focus and hard work that the elect naturally, again through the will of God, displayed. »
« The Puritans were, in fact, Calvinist in their beliefs (regarding the elect, predestination, etc.), but were still considered full members of the church. »
« This renewal was beneficial in some cases, but it also changed the way the New World was treated: the Habsburgs called America the "kingdoms of the Indies", considered themselves directly dependent on the monarch, and preferred to elect Creoles to public office. »
« The monarchy's attitude to the appointment of rulers for the Americas also changed. Thus, while in the 16th century the neighbours were allowed to elect their own authorities when there were none, in the times leading up to the May Revolution nothing could be done without the intervention of the sovereign. »
« The formation of this Junta de Gobierno was not well received by public opinion, which did not object to the members, but rather to the continuation of Viceroy Cisneros in command. The situation became a crisis when those appointed asked the Cabildo to elect those who deserved the confidence of the people. »
« The new government, known as the Second Triumvirate, immediately asked the provinces to elect deputies for a constituent general assembly, which was to meet within three months. »
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