Sentences with 'vigour'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vigour and other words derived from it.

« Some Romans clearly admired things about certain barbarian groups as well - the great Roman historian Tacitus, in his Germania, even praised the Germans for their vigour and honour, though he did so to contrast the Germans with what he considered his own corrupt and immoral Roman society. »
« In other words, when Protestants began to fight each other with the same vigour of their attacks on Rome, they no longer seemed a clear and simple alternative to Roman corruption. »
« Ginseng. Alleged virtues: It is energising and increases sexual vigour. It reduces stress and boosts the immune system. The truth: There is some truth and some exaggeration. »
« Using force, taking action and asserting white supremacy in these militaristic impulses were seen by many as an ideal of American masculine vigour. »

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