6 sentences with 'negotiated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word negotiated and other words derived from it.

« The result was the Treaty of Westphalia, which was negotiated through a series of messages sent back and forth between the two sides, as delegations refused to be in the same city. »
« After another (less successful) battle with the Russians, Napoleon negotiated an alliance with Tsar Alexander in 1807. »
« Initially, France tried to keep British cloth out of its own markets, but in 1786 the two kingdoms negotiated the Treaty of Eden, which allowed the importation of British manufactured goods. »
« Camillo di Cavour successfully negotiated with Napoleon III, the new Emperor of France from 1852, and in 1859, with French military support, Piedmont-Sardinia drove the Austrians out of northern Italy and gained political ascendancy in the name of a new "Italian nation". Camillo di Cavour gave France the city of Nice in exchange for continued support to keep the Austrians in check. »
« He deftly negotiated a small grant from the Nevada State Council for the Arts, and set off on an exodus, taking his music across the state. »
« On 14 September 1847, Scott entered the central plaza of Mexico City; the city had fallen. While Polk and other expansionists demanded "all of Mexico", the Mexican government and the United States negotiated peace in 1848, resulting in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. »

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