6 sentences with 'recruitment'

Example sentences and phrases with the word recruitment and other words derived from it.

« The empire had traditionally left local customs and laws alone as long as they did not interfere with the important business of tax collection, troop recruitment and loyalty to the empire. »
« In 542, during the Italian campaign, a horrible plague (the "Plague of Justinian") killed half the population of Constantinople and a third of the population of the empire as a whole. This had an obvious impact on military recruitment and morale. »
« Intendants collected royal taxes and oversaw administration and military recruitment in the regions to which they were assigned; they were not answerable to the local lords. »
« To cite only the most prominent examples, the 2002 US invasion of Iraq inadvertently led to a massive increase in recruitment for anti-Western terrorist organisations (many of which were drawn from disaffected EU citizens of Middle Eastern and North African descent). »
« It was during the government of Abraham Lincoln when Uncle Sam came to wear the top hat and the striped suit with which we know him today, being widely used from that time onwards in the army's recruitment campaigns under the slogan "I WANT YOU". »
« However, the war proved unpopular and in some provinces - especially in the Mesopotamian ones - there was resistance to the recruitment of soldiers and there were mass desertions and desertion attempts. »

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