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Example sentences and phrases with the word parliamentary and other words derived from it.

« In 1645, a Puritan commander named Oliver Cromwell united various parliamentary forces into the "New Model Army", a well-disciplined fighting force whose soldiers were paid regularly and actually paid for their supplies rather than looting and living off the land (as the king's forces did). »
« A crisis occurred at the end of his reign when a parliamentary faction called the Whigs tried to exclude his younger brother, James II, from being eligible for the throne because he was openly Catholic. »
« Only nobles had political representation in the various parliamentary bodies, with the notable caveat that cities still had privileges of their own (the Paris parliament, for example, wielded significant power in French politics). »
« First, there were some limited constitutional and parliamentary reforms in many kingdoms. »
« Kautsky, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany who had written most of its theoretical manifestos, continued to insist that the real function of the party was to reject parliamentary alliances and agitate for revolution. »
« Mass protests finally forced the issue in 1905. The ruler Muzaffar al-Din Shah signed on his deathbed a 'Basic Law' creating a parliamentary regime, and in 1907 his successor Muhammad Ali Shah signed a supplement to the law introducing civil equality and the recognition that national sovereignty derived from the people. »
« At first glance, a striking aspect of fascism was that many fascists were former communists - Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Italian Fascist Party, had been a prominent member of the Italian Communist Party before the First World War. Both sought transcendent political and social orders that went beyond "mere" parliamentary compromise. »

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