6 sentences with 'harbour'

Example sentences and phrases with the word harbour and other words derived from it.

« In 1601, there were 100 more Dutch ships in London harbour at any one time than English ships, and by 1620 nearly half of all European merchant ships were Dutch. »
« Even some citizens who do not harbour overtly racist views have come to be attracted to the new right, as mainstream political parties often seem to represent only the interests of out-of-touch social elites (once again, Brexit serves as the starkest demonstration of voter resentment that translates into a shocking political outcome). »
« In September 1992, a Chinese navy speedboat raided Hong Kong waters to board a fishing boat in the harbour. As the police photographed the action, the Chinese brandished their guns in the noses of the officers and destroyed the film. »
« The ride - which will cost about $48 - will start at the surface, along the harbour inhabited by sea lions and other species native to the rocky shores. »
« While employed by the Dutch East India Company in 1609, English sea captain Henry Hudson explored New York harbour and the river that now bears his name. »
« Led by the Sons of Liberty, Bostonians rioted against customs officials, attacking the customs house and chasing the officers, who ran to the safety of Castle William, a British fort on a harbour island off Boston. »

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