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Example sentences and phrases with the word theorists and other words derived from it.

« Some male theorists also supported a proto-feminist perspective. »
« Male writers, theorists and even scientists claimed that men and women were opposites: rational, energetic and naturally courageous men were contrasted with irrational, but gentle and demure women. »
« A large number of people, starting with elite male theorists, came to believe that Darwinism implied that a kind of parallel evolutionary process was at work in human society. In this view, success and power are the result of superior breeding, not just luck and education. »
« Many theorists came to believe that Jews were not just a group of people tracing their ancestry back to the ancient kingdom of Judah, but were in fact a "race", a group defined primarily by their blood, their genes, and by supposedly inexorable and inherent characteristics and traits. »
« The great dream of the optimistic theorists of the 18th and 19th centuries had been that proper education and rational politics could create a perfect society. Freud, however, warned that no one is completely rational, and that politics could easily go the way of the Death Drive and plunge whole nations, even whole civilisations, into self-destruction. »
« The key term for many New Left theorists, as well as for grassroots members of the youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s, was "liberation": sexual, social and cultural. »
« The enigma planet Neptune, composed of ice, hydrogen and helium, has, according to theorists, a rocky core several times larger than Earth's, surrounded by huge layers of ice and covered by a deep ocean of liquid molecular hydrogen. »
« What theorists are beginning to suspect is that the chain of evolution does not stop at us: it runs through us. Instead of a railway terminus, it seems that we will be not a way station, but a transfer station. That is, provided that things continue along the same lines as before. »

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