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Example sentences and phrases with the word novels and other words derived from it.

« In addition to writing amusing novels that addressed everything from Prussia's obsession with militarism to the idiotic bigotry of the Spanish Inquisition, Voltaire was well known for speaking out publicly against injustice. »
« Rousseau went on to write novels and essays that attracted enormous attention both in France and abroad, asserting, among other things, that children should learn from nature by experiencing the world, allowing their natural goodness and character to develop. »
« Many novels written in the early 20th century criticised the hypocrisy of social elites and their pretensions to righteousness. »
« He wrote novels, more than 500 short stories, plays, books of poetry, film scripts, texts for Disneyland, radio programmes and a comic strip. »
« Several of his texts and novels were dramatised and made into films. »
« William Blatty and Stephen King, authors of terrifying novels such as "The Exorcist" and "The Hour of the Vampire", state that hell is characterised by freezing temperatures, the darkest darkness and absolute immobility. »
« Reading also allowed women readers the opportunity to interpret what they read without relying on a male authority to tell them what to think. Few women beyond the colonial gentry, however, had access to the novels. »

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