8 sentences with 'capable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word capable and other words derived from it.

« "When the most capable agree on a plan," Wesley points out, "they tend to stick with it longer than is convenient, even after others have warned that it is not the right course of action." »
« He proved to management that he was capable of leading the company into the future, and created a higher position for himself with his business strategies. »
« According to zoologist Eric Guiler, Tasmanian devils are capable of eating a third of their body weight in an hour, "the equivalent of a human being eating 50 steaks in one sitting". »
« Hallucinogens are a group of substances capable of altering consciousness by provoking different kinds of visual, olfactory, tactile, acoustic, gustatory or kinaesthetic hallucinations. »
« Anaerobic is an organism capable of living without the presence of oxygen. Some bacteria are anaerobic, while some muscle cells in the body can work anaerobically for a short time. »
« An antigen is any substance capable of inducing a specific immune response when introduced into the tissues of an animal. The response may consist of antibody production in conjunction with the development of cell-mediated immunity, or specific immune tolerance. »
« Muscles are groups of specialised cells capable of contraction and relaxation to perform movement. »
« Toxin is the generic term applied to substances of plant or animal origin, capable of producing harmful effects in the organism after an incubation period and acting as antigens. The most important are those produced by bacteria. »

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