Sentences with 'uneducated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uneducated and other words derived from it.

« Russian nobles themselves tended to be uneducated and uncouth compared to their Western counterparts, and the Russian Orthodox Church had little emphasis on the learning that now played such an important role in both the Catholic and Protestant churches in the West. »
« For Burke, the common people were a mob of uneducated and inexperienced political wannabes and had no business trying to influence policy. Instead, it was far wiser to keep things in the basic form that had survived for centuries, with minor adjustments as necessary. »
« Burke simply believed that "the masses" were the last people you wanted running a government, because they were an uneducated and uncivilised rabble. »
« But when David was 13, she began hanging out with a boy she considered grumpy and uneducated. » - 1998 - 2022