6 sentences with 'voters'

Example sentences and phrases with the word voters and other words derived from it.

« Before the estates met, many voters and their representatives drew up lists of grievances demanding relief from unfair financial burdens imposed by the nobility, better representation for citizens and peasants, and royal intervention on behalf of the people of France, among other things. »
« De Gaulle began negotiations with the Algerian FLN in 1960, which led to the ratification of Algeria's independence in 1962 by a large majority of French voters. »
« Since 2010, the importance of far-right parties has been on the rise, as their share of each country's electorate has increased as concerns about the impact of immigration lead voters to adopt nativist and cryptocratic political messages. »
« As the opinion of each of the voters was incorporated into the minutes of the meeting, the meeting continued into the night. It was therefore resolved that the Cabildo would count the votes the following day. »
« In the 1808 election, American voters elected another Democratic-Republican, James Madison. Madison inherited Jefferson's foreign policy problems related to Britain and France. Most people in the United States, especially those in the West, saw Britain as the main problem. »
« The Ohio state constitution imposed a small tax-paying requirement on voters, but otherwise allowed white men to vote. »

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