7 sentences with 'unleashed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unleashed and other words derived from it.

« And yet this startling conclusion was born of a culture that unleashed the most horrific destruction (self-destruction) ever witnessed by the human species: the world wars. »
« Clearly, much has changed in the centuries since the Protestant Reformation unleashed its storm of controversy and bloodshed. »
« With the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 18th century, a series of key inventions first unleashed coal's great energy capacity. »
« Instead, the European elites of the time explained their own social role in terms of peace, tradition and stability. Their ideology was called conservatism: the idea that what had worked for centuries was inherently better at maintaining peace both within and between kingdoms than the forces unleashed by the French Revolution. »
« Napoleon's takeover - itself a symptom of the anarchy unleashed by the Revolution - led to nearly twenty years of war and turmoil across the map of Europe. These events demonstrated to conservatives that while careful reform might be acceptable, rapid change was not. »
« This increase in the average person's ability to purchase commodities beyond what he or she needed to survive was ultimately based on the energy unleashed by the Industrial Revolution. »
« The promise of technology was realised in its most perverse form as the energy of advanced industrialism was unleashed in weapons of mass murder. World War II was also the scene of the Holocaust, the first and only incidence of industrialised mass murder in world history. »
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