Sentences with 'operational'

Example sentences and phrases with the word operational and other words derived from it.

« Scattered among them may be rare fragments of dna from other species, which usually lack the coding series needed to become operational, and are connected to inactive regions of dna, where they may remain "unexpressed" for millions of years. »
« This kind of organisation multiplied Napoleon's operational options, facilitating strategies of dispersion and concentration that baffled his opponents. »
« In order to bring a large number of brains together in an organised way, they had to acquire a new operational capacity and a very powerful "peripheral": De Broca's gyrus, which made human languages possible, and with them logical, conscious and organised thought was born. »
« San Martín conceived a military project consisting of the creation of two operational fronts: the West and the North. In the western front, an army would be formed in Cuyo to cross the Andes and support Chile in its fight against the Royalist troops that still controlled part of its territory. » - 1998 - 2022