6 sentences with 'yarn'

Example sentences and phrases with the word yarn and other words derived from it.

« By the end of the 19th century, a single "mule" (a spinning invention linked to steam power in 1803) could produce yarn 200 to 300 times faster than could be done by hand. By 1850, Britain was producing 200 times more cotton cloth than in 1780. »
« We start with how to cast a fishing hook. We practised in the garden with a ball of yarn. »
« Winter led people to weave yarn into cloth, sew clothes, thresh grain and keep the fire burning. »
« Peasant women spun wool yarn and wove cloth. They also wove blankets, made rugs and knitted stockings. »
« The yarn no longer had to be delivered to the peasant families for further processing. All the work was now done in one central location, the factory. »
« For example, in a nine-month period, the many Rhode Island women who spun yarn into cloth on handlooms in their homes produced a total of thirty-four thousand yards of cloth of different types. »
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