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Example sentences and phrases with the word employment and other words derived from it.

« So, while exploring Detroit, Henry had accepted an offer of employment with the Edison Illuminating Company. »
« All were paid full wages, and few would have found employment outside Highland Park. »
« Persia, in particular, invested heavily in the employment of Arab soldiers and in the cultivation of the sea trade route across the Indian Ocean and along the southern and western coasts of Arabia. »
« The Factories Act of 1833 limited child labour in cotton mills, the Miners Act of 1842 prohibited the employment of girls and women (and boys under the age of 10) in the underground, and in 1847 a Ten Hours Act limited the working hours of women and children. »
« Domestic service was the largest sector of employment in 19th century Britain, but economic thinkers (even communists like the great theorist Karl Marx) routinely ignored servants - they were taken for granted and were effectively invisible, replaceable when injured or ill, and paid so little that they were only a minor item in the household budget. »
« There was a concomitant embrace of a specific form of democratic politics and market economy: "social democracy", the commitment on the part of government to ensure not only the legal rights of its citizens, but also a basic minimum standard of living and access to employment opportunities. Social democracy was born out of the experience of war. »
« For second-wave feminists, the movement was not simply about women having access to the same forms of employment and the same wages as men (although these were obviously very important goals), but about attacking the sexual objectification and sexual double standards to which women were subjected. »
« Perhaps the most important changes had to do with the extension of liberal democratic ideas to their logical conclusion: everyone in a democracy was assumed to have equal rights, to be treated with essential dignity, and to have the right to protest the conditions of their education, employment or even their very existence (in the case of women facing misogyny and harassment, for example). »
« Just as networking among Soviet apparatchiks (professional, full-time Communist Party or Soviet administration officials) had once been the means to secure employment or access state resources, it now became imperative for ordinary Russian citizens to establish connections with oligarch-controlled businesses or organised crime organisations. »
« As a further aggravating factor, British soldiers worked as longshoremen, creating competition for employment. »

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