6 sentences with 'justify'

Example sentences and phrases with the word justify and other words derived from it.

« Some individuals adduce dissatisfaction with their own society to justify treason; but, for many Western European liberals, the most frequent explanation is usually anti-Americanism. »
« Once this was done, how did the elites understand their own role in society, how did they justify the power of kings and nobles over the majority of the population? »
« While Europeans tended to justify their conquests by citing a "civilising mission" that would bring the guiding lights of Christianity and Western civilisation to supposedly ignored regions, there was another factor at play that provided a much more tangible excuse for conquest: rivalry between European states. »
« Foucault's most evocative analyses concerned how the definition of crime and the practices of punishment had changed in the modern world to justify a huge apparatus of surveillance, a set to monitor all behaviour. In this model, 'criminality' was an invention of the social and political system itself that justified the system's policing apparatus. »
« The Société Monégasque de Tourisme Submarine, which is in charge of the commercial operation of the submarine, expects an influx of approximately 80,000 passengers per year. The objective seems ambitious, but the evolution of the world market for tourist submarines seems to justify the most optimistic estimates. »
« Don't justify yourself and don't retreat into silence. Defensiveness gets you nowhere and, in this context, silence is far from passive. These two reactions inhibit further dialogue. »

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