6 sentences with «unusual»

« The backdrop to these struggles was a wholly unusual state of peace that lasted for most of the 19th century. »
« One day, a customer who was having a party at his house greeted me at the door with an unusual request. He gave me 50 pesos more than the cost of the pizzas and said, "I'll give you 25 pesos more than the cost of the pizzas: »
« But it was in Russia that the most unusual scenes unfolded. In Niyni-Novgorod, the audience was so shocked to see on the screen the huge images of the Black Madonna and Tsar Nicholas II, whose coronation Charles Moisson had just filmed, that they took Moisson for the incarnation of Satan. »
« South Africa had always been an unusual British colony. Twenty-one percent of the South African population was white, divided between the descendants of British settlers and the former Dutch colony of Afrikaners that had been conquered and then incorporated by the British in the late 19th century. »
« Today, Joyce Addison speaks of medical conundrums with the knowledge derived from her painful experience. "If I get another unusual illness - and I hope that never happens - I will do more research on my own, and I will also have less patience with doctors who don't take my observations seriously. If I know I'm sick, I'm not going to listen to anyone who says, 'You don't have anything abnormal. »
« This planet gives us the chance to see two unusual spectacles. The one you are going to see now is the first one.... »
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