Sentences with 'uncomfortable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uncomfortable and other words derived from it.

« During the Napoleonic period, Spanish liberal intellectuals had been stuck in an uncomfortable position. Their country was ruled by a foreign power, France, which taxed them and extracted resources for its wars, but which also represented the best hope for liberal reform. »
« Other changes were cultural rather than social in nature. For example, the uncomfortable and cumbersome angle-length dresses of the pre-war period disappeared (along with corsets, the very model of impracticality and discomfort), and were replaced by sensible and comfortable dresses and skirts. »
« Stephen's obvious physical impairments sometimes made those who did not know him uncomfortable in restaurants, but, oddly enough, he does not make a big deal of his condition. »
« However, even though Congress approved the Second Bank of the United States, many people continued to regard it as an instrument of the rich, an undemocratic force. President Jackson was among them; he himself had faced economic crises during his land speculation days, an experience that had made him uncomfortable with paper money. »

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