Sentences with 'uniquely'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uniquely and other words derived from it.

« There, Darwin had found numerous species that were uniquely adapted to live only in specific, limited areas. Returning to Britain, he concluded that only changes over time within the species themselves could explain his discoveries. »
« These uniquely beautiful objects of art and the atmosphere they create in their surroundings have revealed to me the sense of eternal beauty, accompanied by the solemn rustle of the leaves of history. »
« All subjects of the British crown knew that they had liberties under the constitution. The Sugar Act suggested that some in Parliament were striving to deprive them of what made them uniquely British. »
« A uniquely American story of land settlement developed: hardy, axe-wielding individuals cleared the land, built a log cabin, and turned the frontier into a farm that paved the way for mills and towns. »

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