7 sentences with 'journalism'

Example sentences and phrases with the word journalism and other words derived from it.

« One result of cheaper printing and increased purchasing power was "yellow" journalism, sensationalist accounts of political events that stretched the truth to sell copies. »
« In general, the kind of journalism that exploded in the late 19th century lent itself to the cultivation of scandal. Important events and trends were linked to the sensationalist journalism of the time. »
« In short, the politics of the latter part of the 19th century were embedded in journalism. As almost every state in Europe moved towards male suffrage, leaders were often shocked by the fact that they had to cultivate public opinion to pass the laws they supported. »
« Back at school, emboldened by my experience with her, I started dating a journalism student. »
« The Unitarians were not resigned to the loss of political power and used journalism to attack the government and the Federals. »
« The division deepened as the groups attacked each other through journalism. »
« From these places they carried out intense written propaganda, by means of journalism or books, against Rosas and his supporters, whom they tried on more than one occasion to confront with arms. »

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