6 sentences with 'mail'

Example sentences and phrases with the word mail and other words derived from it.

« By the 1870s there were mail order catalogues and tourists considered a visit to the Bon Marché department store to be on a par with a visit to the Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon to commemorate his victories. »
« The mail arrives with reports from the doctors who have completed their term of service, describing the difficulties and achievements they have had. -These reports let us know what deficiencies can be remedied," Braw explains. »
« Today, Oliver North controls a formidable direct mail fundraising business for political campaigns, »
« "Opening someone else's mail or reading someone else's diary is an unjustifiable violation of trust and privacy," says the expert. "Let your partner talk when he or she sees fit. »
« after opening the mail, the wife says to the husband: »
« They tarred and feathered federal officials, intercepted federal mail and intimidated wealthy citizens. »

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