6 sentences with «kilometers»

« Located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, 80 kilometers from Seville, Coto Doñana is one of the last remaining wildlife refuges in Europe. »
« Suddenly the earth opened up in Timanfaya, about 11 kilometers from the village of Yaiza. From the depths emerged a huge mountain, which spat fire and burned for 19 days... »
« It does not matter how small the surface is, for it will be 6000 kilometers deep, so that it will be a very considerable property. »
« In Likua, 190 kilometers northwest of Jamba, General Altino Sapalalo, a legendary warrior who lost an arm in combat, ran a vast supply network with 1,000 heavy trucks, many of them taken from the enemy. »
« The lightning streaks through the air at 145,000 kilometers per second, almost half the speed of light. »
« If it had been a Ferrari, it would have been like slowing down to 95 or 90 kilometers per hour. »

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