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Example sentences and phrases with the word quotas and other words derived from it.

« In other cases, it took the form of "semi-slavery" as on the island of Java where the Dutch imposed coffee and spice quotas on the villages. »
« From 1929 onwards, the Soviet state imposed collectivisation of agriculture, forcing millions of peasants to leave their farms and villages and move to new giant collective farms. Collectivisation required the peasants to meet state-imposed quotas, which were immediately set at unattainable levels. »
« Recognising the huge gap between the Soviet Union's industrial capacity and that of the West, Stalin also introduced the Five-Year Plans, which set sky-high production quotas for heavy industry. Although these quotas were never actually met and thousands died in the frenzy of industrial growth, the Five-Year Plans (three of which took place before the outbreak of World War II) managed on the whole to achieve near parity with the Western powers in terms of industrial capacity. »
« The five-year plans were part of the USSR's new "planned economy", in which every conceivable commodity was produced on the basis of quotas imposed by the vast party bureaucracy in Moscow. »
« The new European far right called for extremely limited quotas for immigration, laws prohibiting the expression of non-Christian religious traditions (especially those associated with Islam) and a broader cultural shift away from the tolerance and cosmopolitanism of the dominant post-war European culture. »
« His regime caused great unrest among New England Puritans when he challenged the many land titles that did not recognise the king and imposed quotas for their reconfirmation. »

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