Sentences with 'rag'

Example sentences and phrases with the word rag and other words derived from it.

« Her little daughter Chelsey lay motionless, like a rag doll. »
« She was carrying a bag of items she had taken from her son Edwin's room - a T-shirt, a rag doll, and other items - for a scavenging dog to search for her son. Trainer Maury Tripp approached her with his hound, Sahho, and introduced himself. »
« His body was caught in the whirlwind of the turbine jets, which shook his arms. It made co-pilot Atchison think of a rag doll. The captain couldn't possibly be alive. He must have broken his back. As the other occupants of the cockpit looked at him in anguish, Atchison shouted to be heard over the roar of the wind, "He's dead!" »

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