6 sentences with 'jewellery'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jewellery and other words derived from it.

« At Çatal Höyük, tombs have revealed that some people were buried with jewellery and wealth, while others were buried with virtually nothing. »
« I enter the jewellery shop, whose owner, Cameron Marks, shows me the necklace under the watchful eye of a security guard. »
« In ancient times copper could be worked into weapons, tools, ingots and jewellery; people used to carry it with them, used it as an exchange value and passed it on to their descendants. »
« The weapons are authentic, made of bronze, and there is also gold and jade jewellery, iron and bone tools, and linen, leather and silk textiles. All the elements of a royal army are present. »
« Among the many pieces of jewellery, a diadem of exceptional perfection was also found, which is one of the greatest achievements of the animalistic art of the Eurasian inhabitants of the steppes. The diadem depicts the figure of an Amazon, similar to the Greek Artemis. »
« Unlike elsewhere, the skeletons most overloaded with jewellery were those of men, while vessels were found in the graves of women. »

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