5 sentences with 'grains'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grains and other words derived from it.

« The ancient Mesopotamians had everything they needed for agriculture, they just had to figure out how to grow cereals and grains (the natural varieties of which occurred naturally in the area) and how to manage the flash floods of both rivers. »
« Recommendation: Whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are good natural sources of folic acid, but most women don't eat enough of them. »
« Make sure your meals are rich in complex carbohydrates: grains, rice, pasta, pulses, fruit and vegetables, especially potatoes with skins, courgettes, maize, beetroot and carrots. »
« Some features of their cuisine, such as the abundant use of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains, are consistent with today's concept of a healthy diet. But others do not. »
« The doctors suggested several treatments. I chose one I called the "hydrogen bomb", an operation in which the neurosurgeon would insert ten thin tubes directly into the tumour and inject a few tiny grains of highly radioactive material. »

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